Baptiste Miny

"The voice is awesome!"

his voice to be." 

Owner, Save Milwaukee Escape Room

CEO, ON3D Studios

and fleshed him out in a way that I truly envisioned 

Author, The Crux

Director, "לֵדָה (Nativity)"

"Excellent and very fast"

"Great work, fast and reliable"

     In addition to voice acting, I enjoy writing and producing radio plays. The lack of visuals presents writing challenges that I thoroughly enjoy. In the Audio Productions section you will find links to my YouTube creations, including meditation and ASMR videos, horror stories, comedy videos, and my  Medieval fantasy drama, "Songs of Aalveir".  The Writing Samples section contains a few short scripts I wrote for NYC Midnight competitions; I will expand this section with new writings and older pieces I feel are good enough to share.

​Jaime Andrés Castilla Ruiz

Manager/Art Director, Ars Goetia Studios

"Brought the character's ominous presence to life

​Ronald J Rossmann Jr.

Nathan Kordyjaka

"Incredible voice, perfect result for our game's hero"

​Shlomo Levin